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Motorola MOTOFONE Starts Shipping

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Motofone slimMotorola announced today the global debut of the highly anticipated MOTOFONE at an event held in New Delhi, India.

MOTOFONE is set to redefine the mobile phone market place and strengthen Motorola’s drive to connect the next billion mobile phone users. The Indian launch will be followed by a rapid international rollout. Based on Motorola’s evolutionary new SCPL design platform, MOTOFONE is the first of a new breed of handsets designed to disrupt today’s communicationsí landscape by cutting across price tiers, product segments and international markets. (more…)

Motorola to Relese DVB-H in early next year

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

The latest craze going around all over the world, that being the Mobile TV technology that slowly but surely takes its rightful place on today’s mobile market. According to a Motorola Taiwan official, Jerry Kuo, who is the technical and product director of mobile devices at that specific branch of the mobile phone manufacturer, it seems that the long rumored DVB-H prototype cell phone will be released some time during the mid 2007.